General Ministry Budget Frequently Asked Questions

What is Second Mile Giving?

Our mission of First United Methodist Church in Lexington, NC is that: We are each alive in Christ, united in nurturing fellowship, and reaching out to share God’s endless love.

One of the many ways that we as individuals, as groups in the church, and as the church as a whole can live out this mission is through our financial giving.  Our financial gifts to the church support the current, day-to-day  ministry goals of the church, and they support the long-term ministry goals of the church.  Our day-to-day goals and our long-term goals are related, but can be defined in different ways.  In the Stewardship Committee, we’ve been working over the last year to more clearly define and understand how we financially support our current day-to-day ministry goals and long-term ministry goals.

The Stewardship Committee has come up with two simple phrases to help us better understand how our financial gifts support the church’s ministries, both day-to-day and long term.

These phrases are “First Mile Giving” and “Second Mile Giving.”

First Mile Giving supports the General Ministry Budget.  First Mile Giving comes from active church members and friends through our weekly, monthly, or yearly  giving through the church offering, and has an immediate positive impact on First UMC’s ministries and mission.

Second Mile Giving supports our First UMC Ministry, Endowment & Trust Funds along with Capital Improvement projects, select Ministry projects such as disaster relief, the Memorial Fund, the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, and other funds that are set aside to be used for specific purposes.  Second Mile Giving comes from church members, from groups within the church, and the First UMC extended family.  Second Mile Giving provides a long-term positive impact on First UMC’s ministry, as every gift provides income for years to come and establishes a legacy of support for the giver.

You’ll hear more specifics about First Mile Giving and Second Mile Giving throughout the year.  But to summarize, think about it this way, First Mile Giving is your regular offering to the church, and Second Mile Giving is your response to special appeals as you are able.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Kirk Tutterow